Seeking advice for a 55+ yr old prospective Phd student


Hello, I am by most definition, well on my way to be a senior citizen and I am keen to explore pursuing my PhD by research in either Canada or any country in the EU that has English as the language of instruction. I possess a degree in MBA with distinction from one of the established universities in the UK. My PhD subject is very much related to my MBA thesis however I am willing to consider any other topics if there are no supervisor keen on my choice. My motivation for pursuing at such a senior age is to seek permanent residency for me and my family in the country which would offer me the PhD course.

Please advise on any aspect of my situation and I would certainly be enlightened by your valuable inputs.

Thank you


Hi Senior,

welcome to the forum, nice to read that you, may I say as a mature student, want to do the PhD.

There are various international MBA programmes in the EU, taught in English, and I presume they may offer a PhD (or more likely a DBA) as well. You probably know these better than I do, schools like ESADE, IE, INSEAD, Erasmus etc. come to mind.

I do not know how this would work regarding residency, I think it depends on your nationality. If you are from the EU you can just start in any country in the EU, if not from the EU I think you probably need to contact the embassy of the country you want to go to and ask about visa etc.




Good on you for embarking on the PhD but like Rick said I'm not sure doing it will increase your residency chances as I think this depends on how many years you have worked in the country to gain citizenship if you are not from EU. I would check the conditions as a PhD is counted as studying and not working even though you might as well be except you don't pay tax!

Good luck


Rick & Doodles,

Thanks for your suggestions.

Looking forward to receiving advice and suggestions from those who may be in similar situation and anyone with any sensible advice.