seeking advice on how to get things done


I am working on my second year summer paper. It has to be done by the end of August. I know I have to work hard, but somehow, I feel exhausted for no reason.

Can any of you give me some advice on how to get energized and get things done during the summer? thx.


go to the library and stay there. that's the only way i can keep off cooking/baking/cleaning/surfing/tv.

it's lonely, boring and isolating - but you get the job done. and that's the most important thing after all.
give yourself a treat (cinema/evening in front of the tv/dinner with friends etc) when you've reached a milestone.


join our club

and visit this site about procrastination and how to get moving.

split it up into little chuncks. and do abit EVERYDAY no matter how little or the quality.

listen to the video clip, its worth the 15minutes.

your aim today, is to make a map of the things you need to get done for your map,. just spend 10 minutes on it and report back when you're done


lol sorry !

i meant you need to do a map of your paper.