Should I contact my former thesis supervisor again?


Hi all,

I need some advice from you. I am now doing a Ph.D. and will be graduating next year. I will also begin my job search very soon. As we know, most academic positions require applicants to have referrers. I have already emailed my current Ph.D. and former MPhil thesis supervisors, asking them if they could act as my referees. My current supervisor has replied to me with a 'yes'. But my former supervisor has not still replied to me yet, and it has been almost a week since I emailed my former supervisor. Should I send my former supervisor another email again? or should I assume that my former supervisor does not want to act as my referee?

Thanks a lot for your help. Happy new year, everyone!


I would wait until term starts next week, hopefully your previous supervisor will reply then. If they don't, I would send a gentle reminder towards the end of next week.

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It is Christmas break so don't be offended if they are putting of all work until after the holidays. Even lecturers deserve a break sometimes! I would follow up in a few weeks time if you haven't heard anything more.


Thanks a lot for your replies, Anne1987 and rewt. I will wait until the next semester starts.


That's true. Give it some more time and follow-up with your supervisor. If you've had a good rapport with the person and have exhibited good research potential, I don't see a reason for a no. Anyways, if there are more certain ways of seeking an answer, you could do that.


Thanks for your reply, lawlin. The next semester starts next week. I hope that I will receive a reply from my former supervisor soon.