Should I do another master degree?


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Hi I already have a BSc and an MSc and work in my field. But my site will close and although I sent off lots of applications for other positions and have the relevant experience and knowledge, I've heard nothing back yet, which is rather disheartening. The job market has been hit hard by the credit cunch, I was thinking of waiting it out studying. So I'm thinking of doing another master degree, maybe a Mres or is a different aspect of biology. I don't have the funds, so I would have to apply for funding, which I have no experience of and assume would be a lengthy process. Should I got for it? I might be out of work in a few months time and don't want to remain umemployed.


Hi, I'm just going to start my Master degree this year, but in my opinion, You should think carefully about this. It's will take ur time, money and also your power, but if you love to do, just do it, shouldnt do for something in the future, because if u didnt get it, u will feel bad later about why you waste ur time here. for me, i'll think about Ph.D .
In this time, even just a job, it heard to find. everywhere has more unemployee, but at least, dont be afraid for it. try your best in everyday, do everything you can do, even it not ur major. I like that you have good idea about study,anyway, if you can fine a fund, it's maybe ok with you. wishing you all the best, just think carefully.


Hi thanks for the reply. I have two job interviews coming up, so at the moment the situation doesn't seem as drastic as before. I've since gone off the idea of doing another master.


I got one of the jobs. A research position for 2 years at the uni of Birmingham. So my future is secure for now. :)