Should I pursue another PhD


I am from India. Although selected as a PhD scholar at a US university in 2011, I got quite overwhelmed with the phd process and did not know how to proceed, what to do during the course: make networks, publish etc. Though I was able to finish my phd, it was not as expected. I could not extract papers, network with peers or professors for getting post phd job (post doc or teaching). I came back to India in 2019, remained unsatisfied but kept on working on research skills. got a research fellow job at an Indian university. it improved over time and as my confidence built further, I strongly feel the need to do another PhD/post doc abroad. What should I do.

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Hi JoshR,

It is very unusual to do a second PhD and I doubt you would be allowed to do one. Saying that a posdoc could solve a lot of your problems. It is common that PhD students don't get any publications during their PhD but go on to publish frequently during a post doc. It is great that you already have a research fellowship job and you could possibly use that to get a postdoc in the USA/Europe.


Hi Josh, I had a very similar experience. I did a PhD in 2010. I just enrolled in an MPhil this month in a different country than where I did the PhD and I am very happy.


There is someone in my lab doing a second PhD, but the topic is different than her first.

I would suggest looking for a post-doc, more money, more chance to research what you like etc. The fact that you already have a research fellowship, that's the type of role you should be looking for next.


I also think that looking for a post-doc is better. The pay is higher and there is no qualifying exam for a post-doc.