Should I quit?


Hello. I am in my third year, generating little data that probably is not even worth MPhil. My supervisors are inexperienced and spends little time discussing my project with me. I planned and did what I think was right. Due to this, something that I had worked on which was meant for my second chapter was completely dropped, since the research questions were not framed properly. I am discouraged from approaching others for help. I have lost all motivation for this project.

Should I stay or should I quit? I have received a scholarship for this and know that if I let go, I may not receive it again. I am sad that it has come to this since I have worked so hard.



Ask for help Tru, your supervisors or other people in your department may not know you are struggling. Don't give up without at first trying to get the help you need. If your supervisors are inexperienced that may mean you need to go to them with a clear list of questions to ask them, and don't leave until they have answered them all or given you another way to find the answers. Better to have tried your best than to leave and always have that 'what if' feeling.


Hi Tru, I too am in my third year. It took me about 18 months before I began to generate data. Are your supervisors happy with your data so far? I'm sure if they thought it wasn't up to PhD standard they would tell you.