Should i quit?


Hi, i am a second year phd student and have three more years left of my phd program. The thing is i love my phd topic but my professor wants things fast. All my groupmates are pretty fast but i need time to think about things. I don't have a comfortable relation with my professor. However, working hard i already have some good publication but nowadays i am getting overstressed due to work pressure ( work load is not that much but he wants things quick that puts me into pressure). What should i do? Thanks for the suggestions


Hi There, Sounds like you should stay going with the PhD!
If you love the topic that makes things a lot easier, and if you have some good work already done definitely don't give up yet.
I know it's really hard but try not to compare yourself to others in your group. In my opinion, everyone is different! So what if it takes you a little longer as long as the quality of your work is high, that's all that should matter!