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I have finished my PhD thesis. My supervisor is a kind of out of research on his own, so he has difficulties on understanding the thesis. However all the material is published. During the last year he got angry because his name is not on a work done with other departments, on a project he did not participate. Now I want to deliver but he is inventing revisions and taking one month to answer to each of my thesis revised. In my opinion the revisions are getting a worse material. Can I make something to make sure that he is going to signe the letter I need to deliver the thesis? Any advice?


I do understand your frustration.

However, I strongly advise that you conduct all the revisions your supervisor wants. If you feel they are inappropriate, try to get an independent opinion of an expert in your field and discuss the outcome with your supervisor. But don't try to submit without supervisor's approval. You would most likely fail.


Thank you for your post. I am actually considering 2 options. I am afraid my supervisor just wants to fail me, he is actually doing things also with other students that I would prefer to have never seen a professor doing. First, changing department and defending only with my co-supervisor, by asking the univ to change my co-supervisor to supervisor. Second, changing university, as I have contacts with normal professors of the field in other countries. What is your opinion on that?