Six weeks until hand in


I genuinely never thought I'd get to this point. One major thing I've learnt about this process is you have to be stubborn and determined.

I work full time and round my Monday to Friday job I've been doing my PhD. I thought I'd start a thread to hold myself accountable. I'm due to hand in 6th April 2020 and feel like I have an awful lot to do still!! I have one fully finished and referenced chapter, three awaiting final review, one requiring updates and then once all these are done the introduction and conclusions.

Maybe others are handing in soon and we can encourage each other or I will just use this space to try and keep myself on track.

First major thing I need to do is update my discussion chapter following my supervisors comments. I'm aiming to have this done on 8th March. I booked a few days away in Turkey before I had my hand in date so am away from 1st to 5th March, not sure if I should take my laptop or have an actual break from both work and studying.

Good luck to everyone whatever stage you are at xx


Good Morning. You are doing well. Under these circumstances you are just venting and yes, need and ear. I am slo at the end of my PhD - am just finalising the comments from the three external examiners. I have in end March. I graduate in September. am very nervous and anxious about the defence and the exam reviews. However, my story, just to encourage you<. So I completed my Dmin and Phd in Religious studies, work full time, and engage at exec level. Not all things can be done on your own. You need support, thats what we are doing on this platform, you need GOD. This is what is getting me there. All will be well. Do your best, keep up the chin and focus, without compromising your current job and family time. All the best.


Fortunately it's raining today so work is slow, which means I can do some cheeky PhD stuff. I've noticed that I have a habit of flitting through comments and not necessarily addressing them at the time if they seem to challenging. It is good in some ways, at least I make some progress on the easy stuff but also bad as I never quite finish anything.


Hello?? I'm in the final year of my Ph.D. too and definitely up for a support/goals/accountability thread! I have written up about 4 chapters, they need serious editing! and currently. with a view to handing it to my supervisor by May 2020!


Hi Sam.

How's it going? Much progress on the writing front?

I've been slightly distracted by the unprecedented pandemic. I've been told I can hand in electronically and do my viva via skype.

I have one finished chapter. I'm working on the discussion chapter at the moment, then have three more chapters that need minor edits / updates. I have two weeks til hand in and next week off work get through the formatting / references.