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As the winter months draw in I find it hard not to constantly eat at my desk and have multiple hot chocolates.

Any ideas on what I can eat that isn't chocolate?

And no mention of houmous, carrot sticks or seeds as I point blank refuse to eat them.


ooo, I have this problem!!! I'm trying not to expand to the point where they will have to winch me to the viva...
So here's what I do:

Drink low-fat hot chocolate if you're really craving chocolatey stuff....or have a milky way as they're quite low in calories.

Farley's original baby rusks (no I'm not mental....they're quite sweet and susbstantial so you only eat one, unlike Jaffa cakes with their evil moreishness)

there's other stuff too: I'm not a big fruit fan but grapes are quite good, ice lollies, quavers are low in calories, or of course, there's always the old favourite: cup-a-soup...

now, if any one has a suggestion for resisting super noodles, I'd love to hear it ;-)

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Yes - I do go for the hot chocs - I have to be careful that i buy them in sachets and not in a jar otherwise I find myself shovelling spoonful upon spoonful until the 'drink' becomes almost solid chocolate :$

I'm tempted to buy a rubiks cube - as I think it I need something to do while pausing from writing and I end up eating instead.

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I have to say my vice is maltesers - and no not just a small pack, one of those movie sized packs - all to myself, its horrendous! I lost 2 stone this year and really don't want to put it back on again, and would ideally like to lose more for xmas parties!


I always have a stash of almonds at my desk. They can be pricy from the supermarket, but you buy in bulk from indian/ethnic cash n carry type stores.


I've lost a stone and am really trying to lose a bit more so I know the feeling of resisting snacks. What else is there to do in breaks?! I drink lots of water to fill me up and eat soup as that's filling and low calorie. Always thick soup, usually with veg and lentils and things in it, otherwise there's not much nutritional value to it! I try to break my lunch up a bit so I'll eat some fruit a bit later in the afternoon. Also when I do have a hot chocolate I make it with almost all water rather than milk. It isn't chocolate that's a big snacking problem for me though as I prefer savoury stuff in general. Much more of a problem is resisting a glass of wine at the end of the day. I also used to eat crisps and suchlike while relaxing in the early evening (alongside the afore mentioned glass of wine). I still like to have something as it's a long wait from lunch which is usually at about 12.30 and dinner at 8 or so, but now we eat a lot of raw veg with light dips like low fat yoghurt or super-light mayo -based things or salsa. I'm sorry - I know that's close to carrots and hummus (which I like!) but there are lots of other veg you can do it with! The chopping time is a nice break too. :p

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I am t-total which is good in terms of the calorific values in alcohol - not out of any moral stance or any addictions, I just stopped drinking and now when I do, a sip can wipe me out lol.

I think my main problem is that I tend to prefer hot food, so cold veg just makes my skin crawl. I was thinking of getting plain ryevita and cutting them up into 'crisps' - I don't like the flavoured actual crisps they do.


Ah, my area of expertise - stuffing my face while trying not to expand to the size of a house.

I've lost three and a half stone over the past couple of years following my patented Magictime diet plan, which basically involves eating lower-calorie versions of the same rubbish I always eat (and cutting out mid-morning sausage butties). Top tips include:

Curly Wurlys - the diet food of a genius at 115 calories! Mmm...

Snack size bags of Cadbury's buttons - just enough for a chocolate fix at 75 calories a bag

Snack size bags of Maltesers - OK, a poor substitute for your favoured cinema-style pouches, but OK for 99 calories

On the non-chocolate side, Skips, Quavers and French Fries at around 80 calories a bag

Small bags of popcorn at around 100 calories

Muller Light yogurts at around 100 calories

Various mini ice creams - Magnums etc. (Mini Twisters are 40 calories apiece!)

I know all this calorie-counting seems terribly sad, but I've come to the conclusion there's just no point trying to completely cut out junk and replace it with rabbit food - it's just too miserable to stick with. Hence the selection of junk is crucial!

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I've been living off the banana bread I made on Saturday for most of the last three days. It's 'bread', and it has bananas in it, so clearly it's good for me; the butter and sugar are, thus, nicely conceled out. I may be the size of a house by Christmas, and wailing my head off about it, but for now, I am very, vey happy. ;-)

Baked bananas are pretty good, as is Cadbury's Highlights chocolate drink: it's only 40 calories a cup - I usually put an extra teaspoon or two in, so it's extra chocolatey.


I think it's also just getting out of the habit of eating junk food - I eat fruit for morning and afternoon snacks and don't crave junk food at all. If I do need something sweet I'll eat a couple of low fat biscuits - am guessing you guys have Weight Watchers biscuits in the UK? They're not too bad. Licorice is good. And nuts for savoury things, altho they can be fattening too, so not too many. And popcorn (without fake butter) is also OK. And drinks lots of water. Herbal teas?


Sneaks I am a terrible snacker and a complete chocoholic. I try not to eat so much chocolate by allowing 3 hot chocs a day, but it is organic, fairtrade instant and not very fattening or full of rubbish.  I also eat green & blacks 85% dark choc, as a few squares satiates, compared to caburys milk choc where I'd easily polish off a 200g bar (yum yum!). But the best and only thing that stops me getting fat and completely gorging on chocolate all day is doing 40-50 mins of hard aerobic exercise every morning - yes its flipping hard, and I get up in the early hours whilst the moon and stars are still out and the children are still sleeping; and I hate getting up in the morning.  But it keeps me fit and psychologically helps me have some control over my cravings. It seems to get tougher and tougher as you get older just to stay the same weight, no wonder so many people let things slip a bit or a lot!


Ricecakes or Ryvita wholemeal crispbreads (not the cardboard ones) with a smear of peanut butter (or possibly nutella - if you don't manage to eat the whole jar with a spoon first).

Fruit (dried or fresh)


Sugar free polos - only 80 calories in the whole packet. Or else I chew strong minty gum which puts me off eating anything else for a while because of the taste clash!


Quote From heifer:

Sugar free polos - only 80 calories in the whole packet.

I hope you don't eat them all at once, surely that would give you the trots?

Don't get me started on chewing gum though, I can get through a pack a day :-o

Drink coffee or tea instead? The making it is a nice break. Or herbal tea? (Does that fall into the same catagory as hummus?)

Eat lots of fruit (but can make a sticky mess over the keyboard)


There have been lots of really good snacking tips in this thread, but I just wanted to add my own diet advice, discovered since I moved to China two months ago.

Eat whatever you like, but use chopsticks! :-)