Some Advice needed on writing up qualitative data analysis


I have my data findings, I've developed themes and concepts, and a theoretical framework. However, I'm struggling trying to work out whether I should write about analysis of the themes among different features of the sample of interviewees, such as their age, gender etc. When I try to do, I'm finding it repetitive. For example, if I'm looking at themes or codes according to the gender of interviewees, the same themes or codes recur when I look at the roles of interviewees. I've plenty of quotes and examples to include. So my question is: do I need to include analyses by interviewees' characteristics, or is writing up in a general way by themes sufficient?


What methodology are you using? If it seems repetitive, you might be able to make a note of it instead of spending too much time writing on each individual characteristic. Then again, it depends on the audience and field. What type of paper is this? I would as a professor for advice--just to make sure I was on the right track.


Would a table help? It sounds like I had a similar experience when writing up the qualitative results from a survey; a table allows you to show heaps of information & demonstrate the repetitive elements visually without having to say the same thing over & over.
Hope that helps!
Mog :)


Thx for your comments and suggestions. I'm following up.