sport and PhD


I am trying to get some information from my university on sporting things that they have I could join in. It seems like there are some activities, but the information on the website is sparse. I am not looking for anything beyond some fun recreational activity--they seem to have some women's and mixed basketball on offer--which would be fun--and a sport I can do ( with broken fingers and all to prove it!) but would not be adverse to trying a new sport, just to do it. I am horrible at soccer ( I gave it up after getting a ball kicked in my head and giving me a concussion, in the US, but I would try again if there were tolerance for someone who was bad at it.

Do other people do sport through their university? What has your experiences been? Is this mainly something only undergraduates do? Given that I am a ( very) mature student--oh who cares! That is one benefit of being over the hill--you don't have to care!


i don't know if that counts as sports in your reckoning, but i am in the local SU's chess society and play in the team.
it's fun, relaxing, and soooo totally different to anything PhD related. the other people there are all, well, 8-14 years younger than me and male. they complain to me about essays due, and i complain right back at them about marking essays. they have vague ideas of what my PhD is about and what my life is like, and will never ever meet anyone i know (well, with high probability not, anyway). i find i am making some very unlikely friends. quite enjoyable, actually!


Oh yes, that counts!!!! That is the kind of experience I am wanting to have--doing something that is fun and challenging, that has nothing to do with a PhD, with people who have no idea what a PhD is, and its not necessary to have them understand!

I want the added adrenaline of a sport where you run and huff and puff and have some competition. I am used to this, and I think that the lack of this is making me


well my chess kiddies seem to like me and not to be worried about my age or gender. you could just try one of your SU's sports societies.
mind, i don't know any other PhD students who are involved in any SU activities/sports. and my friends think i am crazy for hanging out with these (mostly) undergrads (teenage male packages of hormones - you want to avoid that really, no?). but you could give it a try!


Have you tried climbing? Get yourself to your local indoor climbing wall and join an induction course. It really good for you, loads of fun, engages your brain and your body, and is a great distraction from PhD land! I couldn't manage without it!


Doing things not related to your PhD is a definite plus, especialy sports. I've always played basketball since i was a kid so it was natural that i joined the club at uni, i joined the jiu-jitsu club also. I still do both but have slacked in basketball due to my location.


BE WARNED univeristy AU clubs often involve a lot of booze and dare I say initiations. Although this is limited to the main clubs which is full of degree students. Athough the facilities are normally very good and the equipment for sports if often subsidised and you can 'borrow' the mini bus.

Normally within most department there are groups of like minded people who get together for a bit of sport.

Do you have a post-graduate union?


Getting involved with the sports looks a bit complicated based on the information I received, and not sure it offers what I am looking for---just fun recreational sport...I would feel a bit self-concious taking to the basketball court on my own as well... and there is a somewhat hefty fee to join some sort of gym looking facility. Not sure if anyone in my department does sport, and if they did, its not likely to be the women. I have seen people going off to yoga, etc, but thats not what I am looking for. Nothing against yoga, just looking for an adrenaline sport.


There is a regular football game in my department, lecturers / phd / undergraduates all play; including some women - but I had to ask around to find out about it!
What about squash or racketball? You should be able to find a squash court to play on, it's a fairly popular game in this country. You only need to find one person to play against, and mixed games aren't a problem.