was in this week. got my desk and my desk is by the window which i love. though it looks out over another building...hey! some green fields view would have been nice..but cant have it all can we?
so much to do on the first day. sorted out library access. wifi on campus etc. they were absolutely brill. had a member of staff taking me all over the place to sort things out like car parking etc. went to eat in the restaurant/pub reserved for staff and phds :-) felt lonely as didnt meet any students. saw some around in dept. office where my desk is was empty. not sure how many of them will use the office regularly. there are 6desks in total. love how efficient this uni is. spent time with head of dept. also with 2nd sup. she is nice. very organised she is. she'd already sent me web links to look at. she was surprised that id done so much prep beforehand. meeting both 2nd sup and main sup for combined meeting next week. been asked what to do beforehand and bring with me...but already done as id spent over xmas doing prep was surprised as 2nd sup wants about a page next iv already done quite a im so glad its an area iv researched from my bachelors thro my masters (up)
did admit to 2nd sup i had nerves- its a new uni (did both previous degrees at same uni). felt pleased when she said she had confidence in me and knows i can do it :p lol. love this uni as phd's dont just have meetings only as my old uni does. we have seminars every week (up) and quite a few regular workshops every week so absolutley brill in ongoing support. il be at uni on a regular minimum 2days full time. feel that is best to keep my motivation going. go in..sit at my desk and work and attend workshops and seminars that are on. sups offices are only 2doors away from ours.

lol..i should be writing for next wk... but as already written what they want next wk...dont really have anything to find to write... il get it all together in a couple of pages or so and email it off tomoro. want to start as i mean to go on..and be organised for meetings etc. gosh! hope it all keeps together for the next...erm...years..! good luck everyone :-) any advice and tips much appreciated (up) xxx


Hi Jade

Just wanted to wish you good luck. You are so well prepared for your PhD and are so enthusiastic about it. I know you will do well. I have read your other posts and, even though I am still waiting for a response to my application, I will definitely read the books you recommended. You certainly have been an inspiration to me.


gosh! thank you :$ for me...a long road. started my first degree in 2001 and had 2year break between that and masters and a year break after finishing masters. but hey! im still going. somehow i always felt like there was unfinished business and i had to keep going to one day feel 100% complete xxx