Statement of Purpose - Please critique


Below is my statement of purpose. I am applying to universities from Europe, and though I am aware academic culture varies a lot within Europe, I cannot pinpoint it further, to where I am exactly applying.

I have tasted many failures in the past couple of months. I have started to feel depressed that I might not be able to get the scholarship. I have not yet given up, but I am not even sure what is wrong. Because in my proximity, I am a very successful (though this is subjective term, one can correlate to what this generally means) fellow, people come to me with their list of problems (mostly technical), and I solve it with ease.
I have fought really hard to come till this point, and I think I am lost now. With no feedback at all, I am getting rejections from almost everywhere.

Therefore, without taking the failures personally, I am trying to improve one piece at a time.
Here is my statement of purpose. Please evaluate it as per your own methods, and pl let me know the smallest possible thing that you think is wrong. I won't even mind if you use rash language and perform a very strict evaluation, but please, could you help me in identifying what is wrong with this SOP?

side-note: I have to put this here, because I do lack a strong network who will evaluate my SOP.

SOP link:

PS: I have to share a link to SOP, I understand it means one more clique (click ..:p) on your side, but as you might already know, there is a word limit.
Pl share your valuable feedback.
Thanks in advance.

- Sagar Gandhi

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Sagar Gandhi

Hi! I assume you don't need critique for your statement of purpose anymore? I've read your sop and have some remarks but I don't think you need to hear them 5 months later. It's just that I did the same mistake for my statement of purpose but with it was identified and I did well so I am interested if you got in as well or it was different for you?