static in hair tips


does anyone experience static in their hair? I seem to be getting it more and more this winter, do you think wearing 100% acrylic sweater or synthetic material has anything to do with it?
Now my hair is jutting out and I cant get it to stay down!!!

Any hair tips to avoid this hair-raising (!) would be much appreciated.

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ooh, the only one I know is that you brush your hair, and then on the final brush you wrap a silk scarf around your hairbrush and then kind of fake brush or wipe your hair with it and it absorbs all the ions or whatever, particles, I remember something about + and - charged particles or something in gcse science! - I'm a SOCIAL scientists, not a proper scientist!


i will put some anti-frizz gel on my hair tonight.
i have very thin hair and that makes my hair clump together! GGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRR


thank you sneaks for your tip, what can we use if we dont have silk? will other material do..

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I assume any material will do, I guess natural fabrics are better than man-made but I could be wrong!


Stay away from synthetics. Use a wooden comb or brush instead of plastic ones.


I suffer v badly from static hair! I always run my brush briefy under the tap before brushing my hair. I also carry a mini squirty bottle (like a mini travel sized bottle) with water in it in my handbag so i can squirt it at my hair when it misbehaves! You should also avoid tops made of woolly, fleecy or synthetic material. Fleece is my sworn enemy! It's mainly the central heating (ie. dry air) which makes hair particularly static at this time of year. If you're feeling rich, you could invest in an air humidifier, but that's probably a bit of an extreme solution! Alternatively, make sure you use plenty of conditioner when you wash your hair (again, to help stop it drying out too much) and maybe squirt some product (eg. hairspray, serum, etc) on your hair. Also, use your hairdryer on a cooler setting and don't over-dry it. That's the end of my hair-care advice for the day *insert cheesy grin here*


slightly off topic but whenever i was little and we had balloons my dad would take the balloons and rub them over my head and then stick them to the wall... fond memories! hair static can be fun too!:p


Get a fabric softner sheet like bounce and rub that over your hair!



oh my I just looked at the Bounce Dyer Bar!!!! I have never seen this product before!
now my fringe is standing up. The static seems worse now.
I will go home soon.


caz, come to think of it, most of my winter tops are synthetic! they are not expensive and they do keep me warm.
you're right, they do make the static worse

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Natural fibres all the way, and stay away from escalators.