Struggling with my supervisor‘s comments


Hi all
It’s my first post here.
I am in the writing up stage of my thesis. Sent a chapter to my supervisor and received her feedback. I feel like it is kind of discouraging in some way that makes you unproductive.
How do you guys deal with feedback/ comments? Thanks.

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Don't take the feedback personally. It is easy to see a draft as representation of yourself when really it is a just draft that you know yourself could be improved. Feedback can sometimes be brutal but the more feedback you get, the better you become and the easier it is to receive feedback. I usually take a few days break from a piece of writing after receiving feedback to let the emotional attachment recede. Then I focus on understanding the feedback and being constructive with the feedback instead of taking it personally. I think you should try to find the right mindset for going through feedback.


It's always hard, but it's the same as submitting any research to a journal. You are always going to get corrections, some which you take on board, and others you disagree with. It can seem overwhelming and there's been many a time I've looked at my comments and just thought 'there is no point, I'm clearly not good enough', but that's not the right attitude. Give yourself a few days after feedback (my ego was always bruised) and then tackle it bit by bit. Minor changes first, so you see you've accomplished something. Then itemize the major changes and working through them a step at a time. You're not alone, everyone hates feedback, and sometimes anything less than 'you're amazing' can feel liek the end fo the world. Just take your time and keep going