Study partner / Accountability partner



I am a 4th year PhD student. I am struggling with a lot of things right now (mentally, academically and physically). : D

I am looking for a study partner preferably with a similar time zone (I follow London time).

I thinking of 30 days of absolute dedication toward my writing process as well as health improvements. If anyone out there feels like that we can help each other develop new habits, work on our thesis, and improve our well being in general. Please write back. We can conjure a plan together for the next 30 days. : D



Hi Ana, Did you find yourself a study buddy yet?
I am in the same time zone, also doing my PhD by thesis, and finding it very hard to stay focused and motivated to write.
I try to allow myself about '2 golden hours' a day of just writing no editing or anything (as recommended by Hugh Kearns), apart from days when I have to go do fieldwork.
Let me know if you still need a study partner.


I am also in similar situation, would you join with me.


What time zone are you in?

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Hello, buddy!