Studying at the same university - bad move?


Hi all,

I don't usually use forums so this is a bit scary! I've recently started an MA and would like to do a PhD at some point in the future (probably sooner rather than later). I'm doing my MA at the university where I did my undergraduate degree which I completed this summer.

I'm just exploring possibilities at the moment but wanted to have some opinions on studying at the same university for BA, MA and PhD. Is that a wise move or does it look really bad? I know that I don't want to study too far from where I am living now, and my university does have research interests in the area I'd be exploring. My tutor is also a living legend who knows me and challenges me with my work and the thought of having a new supervisor whom I don't know sounds a bit risky. However, part of me thinks it would look really bad to any potential employers if I have three degrees from the same institution.

Any advice?

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I know someone who has done this. The advantages are that you don't spend the 1st 6 months of PhD getting 'set up' i.e accomodation, office space, new emails etc etc. and you know the staff and admin people probably already. Disadvantages would be after the PhD, especially if you want to move out of academia, might look a bit contricting on your CV but as with most things you can just explain it well in your interview. I had a friend who bummed around travelling for 6 years and manages to get jobs (have no idea how!)


is Stressed around? She can help and I think she shall have a very positive account to provide to you :)

I am doing my phd in the same place as MSc....and its lovely!


I'm doing my PhD at the same place I did my MA and I can't see any problems with it. My PhD was a natural progression of my MA research, I had keen and very good supervisors, I know the college so there were no nasty unforeseen surprises in store! Also, it is one of the best colleges to do my subject at, so if I had the choice of universities across the whole country, I would still do it here as it's best for my research and has a really good reputation, which ultimately seem to be the best reasons for staying on at the same college.


Hey, I have the same problem :-(. I have done 2 degrees at the same university and know the lecturers and the surrounding quite well. I have been offered a PhD there too. But like you said what will potential employers think if the degrees come from the same university?

Also does it matter to employers where you have done your PhD? For example if two people were applying for the same position but one came from a 'better' institution.

Thanks in advance :-)


Thanks for your reponses. Most helpful ;-)

I'm not far into my MA and don't really know what the next move is yet anyway so we'll wait and see. It's just good to get an idea of what people think.


Hi there - lol bug, yes I'm here, but haven't been on much - been too busy celebrating the MA results ;-)

I did my BA and MA at the uni where I'm now studying for my Phd - I really don't see the problem. You choose a location for your Phd more on your supervisor than anything else - mine just happens to be the leading expert in my field and he is at my institution - it was a no brainer really. Also as you have 'history' with the staff and the admin (cherish your administrator!) things tend to run smoother and they pull out every single stop to help you! There are actually a couple of lecturers in my dept who did their full set of degrees at the uni - it doesn't seem to be an issue for them - and I can't see why an employer would be that bothered - they are going to be more interested in you and your abilities than your academic institution - that seems to be something that interests those of us in academia, but not so much outside from my experience.

I am certainly very very happy with my situation - my dept is fantastic, I have a great supervisor and board and also contacts through the sup to leading academics around the country so its been absolutely ideal for me.


Ditto as stressed, every single point. though I have studies my Bsc in another continent LOl, and my first MA in another city and country and my MSc and PhD in the same place!
But yes, as Stressed says, my sup leading expert, great person, great facilitator, dept staff gr8, (fingers crosses) all gr8!


i did my BSc and MSc at same uni but starting my PhD at a different uni. for me i think its best. i feel im more focussed and will try harder going somewhere new. but then again, the new uni is a much better and so much better for research than my old uni. my old uni has a reputation for high drop out rates for PhD. the new one has a very high success rate. so im glad im making the 3 weeks time :-)


Thanks so much, all your comments have been really helpful.