Submitted conference proposal - how long till I hear back?


So, I submitted my first conference proposal on Friday, the deadline is tomorrow. The conference itself is in mid-April. Any idea how long it will take till they get back to me? I appreciate that it differs with every single conference, but what would be an average timescale?

Many thanks!


Hey! Yes, it does vary a lot. If the conference is in April and the deadline for abstracts in already, then I'm guessing it's probably a pretty big conference, so I would probably expect to wait maybe a few months to hear back. I'm going to a massive conference in the US in November, and their deadline was about 6 or 7 months before the conference, and it took them a few months to get back to me, maybe about 3-4 months or so. If the conference is smaller then things tend to happen quicker in my experience. I'm presenting at a conference next month which is quite a small one. The deadline was only about a month ago and I found out after a few weeks that I had been accepted. So there is a range, but it sounds as though you may be waiting a couple of months or more! Good luck! KB


I presented at a conference last April in France, the abstracts had to be in the previous Sept and then we heard back about 6 weeks after that.


I guess its 4-6 weeks :-)
love satchi


Thanks everyone! Yeah, I thought it will be 6-8 weeks or even a bit more, but it's good to get some confirmation of that. Thanks again! :-)