Submitted thesis- missing literature


Hello. I have my VIVA next week and just discovered a missing research report that I had overlooked in my literature review. Feeling panicked! Any help anyone please? It is not one I can access electronically and does not appear on database search so won't get hold of it before VIVA!!! It's a 2000 paper so can't even say its new. Any help please? Has this happened to anyone? Thank you


Hi Millymoo,

First of all don't panic! It's not big deal.

I started my lit review by describing how I selected the studies (systematic review). Among the criteria was year of publication (example from 2002 to 2012, last decade), then databases I searched in (targeted specific journals or databases like Sciencedirect) and categories (three categories: penguins, ice cream, publication).

If you are really worried, you can put down a page with your criteria just in case.


Thank you for your response. Very helpful. It's one I missed snowballing. I have included my search strategy, but missed this one.
Thanks again


Don't worry I had the same issue, and guess what: the paper was written by one of my examiners lol. It's just something I added when I had to do my corrections later. As I said in your other post: chill it'll all go well :)