Yay, I've finally submitted - early! I wasn't due to submit until Friday, but things came together over the weekend, I got through the printing, a friend comb-bound it for me yesterday morning and I just figured that I might as well go and submit it rather than bringing it home and living with it for the rest of the week :-)
Today I have been mainly doing housework, catching up on years of mess and having no time to do it all - the house stinks of bleach lmao! It feels good though. I think it still hasn't sunk in yet that its done and in and I don't have to work on it again for a while. We're hoping for an end of Sept viva, so no doubt I will start freaking out again very shortly :-)


Congratulations on your submission! I too am looking forward to catching up on housework and unpacking the other half of the stuff we didn't get round to doing when we moved recently. Don't forget to take time to relax as well!


Congrats! You should definitely plan to have some fun this weekend! 8-)


Well done, Stressed. Enjoy your feeling of freedom! :)


Well done you :-) Yep years of mess sounds familiar...


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Congratulations! I soooo wish I was you right now. But then there's a little (miniscule!) voice inside me saying that I'm going to miss it when it's all done and dusted...doubt it ;-)