Summative essay results not showing on transcript


Hi All,

I recently applied for PHD admission and as part of the application process,I uploaded my CV which showed that I made a distinction in my masters overall, as well as making distinctions in all my essays which I wrote for the respective courses offered.

I just got my transcript, and it only shows the overall grade for the masters with the respective grades for each of the component courses/exams that I offered/wrote. However,it doesn't anywhere show the essay results (which I believe formed part of our continuous assessment).

I don't have any published work and as such I am hoping that the essay results (coupled with my dissertation result which I made a distinction) will at least show my research potential and increase my chances of being admitted and funding.

Please how do I confirm the essay results to the school that I just applied to for admission

I will greatly appreciate any response.

Best wishes


I doubt they will be too bothered about your essay results. Your overall grade is what is important. Mention it in any interview you get if you want.


Hi treeoflife,

thank you very much for the response.I really appreciate.
Please I have some more questions: will my lack of publication not have a negative impact on my application for funding?I made a 2:1 at the university and a distinction at the masters level,having made all A's in my exams,essays,and dissertation. Please do you think my master's result may have a substantial impact on my application for funding? i merely scrapped a 2:1 at the undergraduate level.
I have over 3 years practice experience. Will this count in my favour?
My PHD application was made to Oxford? I got my masters from Glasgow Uni.

Thanks once again for your response


You have a 2.1 and a distinction at MSc so you are in with a chance. Most people don't have publications at this stage so that doesn't matter. Your performance in the interview is actually more important. Experience definitely helps as well. Obviously Oxford is more competitive than other places though, and most people apply to several places before they get on a PhD.


I intend applying to at least four other schools as well. Thank you once again for the response. I very much appreciate.Have a nice day