Summer scientific research programme - your thoughts?


I am currently working for a foundation offering a small number of science undergraduates the opportunity to participate in summer programmes at three universities in Europe and we are interested in knowing what floats your boat!

After all this programme is for students like yourselves so your opinions count.

In brief about the programme....
Students will take part in research projects, get lab experience, work with leading scientists and attend workshops and seminars. Grants would be provided to pay for travel, accommodation and all other associated costs.

The aim is to attract high calibre science students (from the whole of Europe) and to promote science and research.

What would make this sort of programme appeal to you (eg working with Nobel prize winners, etc)?
Why would a programme like this not appeal to you?
How best should we promote the programme?
What magazines online and print) do you read that we should advertise in?
Are there any other programmes that you think are great (or rubbish)?

Any and all input appreciated.


It's a good idea, but this forum is aimed at postgraduate students, so I don't think we will be of much help!


Oh, I thought I had posted under prospective PhD students - thanks for flagging.