Super Charged Turbo Supervisor


Hi, I am glad to have found this forum I think I will be making very much use of it :)
I have just been for my first interview (6/3) after sending a research proposal to about 6 or 7 unis. I was immediately accepted on the spot as the s/v is doing research in the same field and wants to combine etc. etc. and is very excited. He has gone overseas and is emailing me getting my proposal trimmed, is getting me to sit in on some methods lectures, is looking for funding for me, planning a 3 year completion (wanted a slow part time option!). Now, I am reeling. Should I just keep running (sprinting)or mention that I am trying to fit this around family and risk him being disappointed.
Thanks (I know I should be grateful but I am daunted now and I wanted to really brush up on my brain science this next few months)