Switching field between Humanities PhD and Translation PostDoc/industry


Hi there, I'm surely going to ask a question that has already been posted, but I saw that the majority of the related questions were more about scientific fields rather than humanities.

I'm going to start my PhD in Japanese Studies after a BA in East Asian Studies and an MA in Japanese Studies. I'm satisfied with the research I proposed because, while focused on performative arts, it has an interdisciplinary and cultural aspect that would make me study through different media, the history of Japan, and its relationship with the West. I know that I have to take one step at a time and I am probably asking this question because I am experiencing the little fear of those who are about to start their PhD, but it bugged me asking for experiences and advices in case I feel the need to switch field.

To be more precise, I was considering the idea to transition from Humanities to Translation after my PhD once improved my Japanese knowledge. It wouldn't be something really new for me since for my BA I wrote a dissertation about the trasposition of certain situations in manga from Japanese to English, and perhaps I can also rely on it if needed.

Thank you and I hope to receive useful advices.