Teaching opportunity...What would you do?


Hi all. Have been reading the forum for a while, but this is my first post :)

I've just started my PhD (in social sciences). My supervisor has asked if I would like to have an early first go at teaching, and cover 2 of his first year seminars next month. He's said it's entirely up to me - I will be required to teach in years 2 and 3 as a condition of my scholarship - and he has another student available if I don't do it.

On the plus side, they are first years, I'm pretty comfortable with the topic, and although the idea of teaching makes me nervous it is also one of the things I'm looking forward to. Also, if it all goes horribly wrong, I wouldn't have to see them again until at least next year ,-)

However, I've never taught before and never had any kind of training. So, what would you do/recommend?


Seems like a perfect opportunity to try. I would sit in on a couple of his seminars first, to get a feel of the structure that your sup uses and to allow you to plan your seminars accordingly.

Plus, remember that seminars are not about you teaching in the traditional sense (and so not about having total knowledge of your subject area). You structure discussions and exercises in line with teaching objectives, but most of the factual content is brought by the students.


im in a similar position, only in arts. i decided to go for it. uni is gonna train me, i get all the schemes of work handed to me and i am looking forward. mate, we get paid and we get three years teaching experience which is better than two, right?? i would do it!


I'm leaning towards 'go for it', as might be obvious from my first post. It just scares me that I've never taught/'facilitated' a class before, but sitting in on a couple of his seminars before seems like a good idea.

Feel a bit silly even debating it really, I think it just threw me having my first supervision meeting and being asked about this so early!