The final stretch and struggling...



I posted here some time ago about my viva outcome and corrections and received some lovely words of encouragement. Last autumn I had my viva and passed my PhD pending with minor corrections. Hoorah! I hear you say - and as did everyone else around me but my viva was a tough one and the corrections list was just as I'd feared:

* add 3 or 4 pages in this chapter
* restructure that chapter and rework around a clearer intellectual narrative
* this chapter needs a better conceptualisation of this and this needs to be woven then throughout
* this study needs needs a deeper analysis
* that study needs a deeper analysis
* this chapter needs completely re-writing as it is "banal and underwhelming"

I was given 6 months to make these "minor" changes.

On the plus side, the examiners said that my research was clearly highly valuable and they commented that I was clearly a highly competent and articulate academic (trying to focus on that!).

I have been chipping away at the thesis since January (between a full-time academic job) and it's been hard. I'm now working on the final chapter (the complete re-write) and just this week I have been so close to forgetting the whole thing and quitting my job but the reality is that I love my job, I love academia and I just need to get though this final stretch.

This forum has been such a source of support over the past 4 years or so, I just felt the need to post. Any words of advice or encourage always welcome.


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You have done a brilliant job in pushing through the wall these last few months. Just a little bit more and you are almost there. Best wishes and well done GM. You will get there and well done on your professional academic work as well! Great achievement.


Don't give up now GM, you are so nearly there! I really understand how you feel - corrections are so hard to work up any excitment about and yet, so essential. You know you have to do them so just keep at it! Will you be graduating in a ceremony this summer? Maybe keep that in mind to spur you on.


Thank you both for your words of encouragement. Yes I am/was hoping to graduate this July but the deadlines are all very tight now :-/

Either way, I've completed the corrections as best I can and sent to my supervisor for any suggested tweaks before I submit!


Great stuff! Are you just waiting to get their feedback now?


I am! The email to examiners from the exams office asked for a reply from them within one month. The graduation deadline is 3 weeks away so we shall see ...fingers crossed! They may ask for further changes yet if they don't feel I've met them.