The future...


Thanks, everyone, for sharing your thoughts on what you'll, hopefully, be doing 10 years down the line from now. Sorry if I caused any offence to those of us a bit older - I'll be saying very much the same when I'm 38, ten years from now! The idea of a cosy family and cushy academic job sounds vanilla! But times are a chagin', methinks, so I'll just settle for a family and academic job of some description. Bilbo, I think I echo those of us on this forum when I say I think you're both brill and tenacious - channelling you some internet love and best wishes right now! My internet connection is crap, however, so you'll experience it in fits and trickles (thanks BT!). And Alapacolover, I'll swap you my wind-battered room on a hill for your wind-battered house by the sea any day of the week! :-)


haha, sorry but i think i'll stick to where i am :p

luckily the wind has calmed down where i am, hope you've had more peaceful nights too?


Quote From Smilodon:

I'll be in my 50s by then :p and the mother of a teenager :p:p

That's nothing - I'll be a 44-year-old 'empty nester'! (Kids will be aged between 19 and 24!)

Reading some of these replies reminds me how back-to-front my life has been - 10 years AGO I had a steady income, a career, a wife and kids, my own home etc... now I'm just starting out!

As regards where I'll be - or where I'd like to be - in 10 years' time, though: if I've managed to make a go of my academic career, I quite like the idea of living and working in America for a while; if not, I dunno... living on a houseboat somewhere, or running a tearooms in Whitby... something befitting an aging hippie!