the leaning tower of pisa


has just collapsed into my lap and across my keyboard...a leaning tower of pisa of books!!! =~I was trying to surgically extract a book from the middle of the tower * able to recognise it from any angle--not with the title of the spine facing me!!! --when the entire tower collapsed. This was preceeded by a paper snow storm of articles being tossed off the desk and onto the floor--the few inches of remaining floor space...I need at least enough work space that my elbows do not crash into the tower of pisa of books, and the various towers of articles....rant!


I have a cat who does that job all the time, pile of papers on the table? She will be there sitting on the top and then of course she tries to get off, and sends them all flying in the process all she does then is the classic 'lick of dignity' and off she goes to see what else she can disrupt.


I once spilled a can of tango into my laptop

It was never the same again the enter button kept sticking and every so often a faint orange smell