The Use of "I" in transfer report?

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I know there was a thread on here the other day about the use of the first person in academic writing. I'm currently writing my transfer/upgrade report and have been trying to avoid the use of "I" but it just seems a bit odd that when I'm documenting progress-to -date I'm talking about myself in the third person or not even referring to myself at all and just saying "such and such" has been completed etc.

Does anybody have an opinion on this? Or what did those who've completed these reports do?

I'm in quite a conservative department in a science field by the way.


I never had to do a transfer/upgrade report but have done quite a few progress reports. In the literature review section I always write in the third person, as per the final thesis. Any other bits of the progress report such as fieldwork to date, conferences presented at and so on, I have written in the first person.

See what others say but no harm asking your supervisor for guidance if you feel comfortable doing so.


I am in the science field and my uni sub-committee required the transfer document in the third person.  I imagine that it may be specific to different disciplines. Worth checking with your colleagues and supervisors.