The Xmas Thread


Just wondering whether anyone is doing anything exciting for Xmas this year and when people are leaving their beloved labs / desks. Merry Xmas :-)


Its -4C here so can't help feel a little festive!


I flee my desk on Dec 18th. And return Dec 27th -31st. And then again on Dec 2nd....


im going on 22nd and it cant come any quicker i cant wait to get out of here!!!!!!!!!!


I'm going on 21st (half-day too ) and won't be back till the 2nd... that's twelve and half glorious days of christmas woohooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way i have seen people make little robins with santa hats and turkeys (kinda like smileys except not)... how do you do it???


Well, coz of my soddin PhD, i have to move between home and uni every 3 or 4 days, so i don't get to go home properly! I keep animals as part of my research, so i need to feed them and make sure they don't die


Oh, what kind of animals?

Mine are all dead - well, were living, and stuffed.


i work on snails...pretty yellow and pink ones. The ladies love it!


On Friday I'm going to Italy for 4 days, then 1 day back to the department, then 2,5 weeks home (but with loads of essays to mark



I can bore people for hours on parrots and elephants...


i'm leaving on the 16th (only few days to go!!!) and coming back on the 2nd. in the mean time, i will be moving a whole household across the channel, and marking 25 essays. hoping to cram some PhD work into the time, too.



I'm going to freezing Spain. To visit relatives. The Joy. Can I take one of Chris' snails for company?


I'm going to Germany for 5 days 2moro.. then back in the lab for two days then back off the homeland for Christmas.. Back to the lab on the 7th


I am leaving for good on the 23rd to Canada! YAY! But before that, I have a viva on the 18th..