Hi guys, is there anyone who is doing a PhD in theology and is interested in discussion?


Doesn't make any sense. Do you mean someone who is interested in a discussion about theology? If that is the case, why would that only be possible with people who are doing a PhD?


Do you mean you want to find out more about PhD studies in this discipline? If that is the case, be more specific as you will otherwise be ignored.


hey Gery, I think it does make perfect sense!!! You're looking for any PhD in theology guys out here who might be willing to share notes/thoughts with you right? Hang around you might find someone! Good luck!


You got me right. I am doing a PhD in theology and I wiuld like people with whom I can discuss and share some opinions and thoughts!


Not doing a PhD in theology but love to discuss!


Yes! - Hi Gery. Am doing a PhD in theology and happy to discuss whatever's on your mind.


Well, I just finished one on Lonergan. Where are you studying?

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Seven years later; I would suggest very little :)