Thesis correction - need to shorten very long tables.


Hello, I have just passed my viva (phew!) but I'm stuck with one editorial work. I am working with a lot of dummy variables, and in a few models I included about 40 dummies. Each table itself span on four pages with the coefficient and standard error for each explanatory variable. I have been advised by the examiners to shorten the table, but I don't think I can omit any of the variables because I discuss all of them in the text. Is it possible to report the table without standard error under the coefficient? (I have tried this and now the table takes up 2 pages instead of 4). I have emailed the examiner 2 weeks ago but I don't receive any reply. I'm not sure what to do with the tables. Thanks!


Chuck them in the appendix. Problem solved!

I don't think it's usual to contact examiners - I think you are supposed to make the corrections and then they approve them, or not. If you give valid explanations as to why you have taken the actions you have, then there shouldn't be an issue.


I agree with ToL - appendix!

You want the standard errors to be there so that the reader can better interpret the coefficient (unless you have included confidence intervals as well... you could get rid of one or the other if you have both).


Can you split the data into several smaller tables? Or yes, have an Appendix!

Be careful about contacting examiners directly - at my university you're not supposed to do this, and would need to go via supervisors or registry with any queries. It might be different where you are, but worth checking the regulations.

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Just a thought. Can you include the shortened table (without variables) in the data chapters still, even while you include the full table in an appendix as suggested by other posters. This might help the reader, who will still have a visual display of major data in the main text (albeit a much briefer one without the dummies) and while you still discuss the variables within your chapter, you can state that readers can refer to appendix to see the complete table including the variables.

Well done on passing your viva and for being almost there. Congratulations!