Thesis formatting - figures!



This is my first post, I am now in the final stages of drafting before submission mid-September, and I really wish I had found this forum sooner!!

I have a question about thesis formatting (University of London) and figures in particular. Currently, my smaller figures are embedded within the text. While looking through my thesis my supervisor asked if this was allowed yet and I realised that all other theses I have seen have each figure on a separate page. The university thesis formatting guidelines do not mention figures. Does anyone else have any experience of this?



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Hi Scottish (from a fellow Scot - assuming you are)

Oh well, I've already submitted mine, also University of London, and all of my figures are embedded in the text. So - go figure - pardon the pun! LOL If that's not right, it's already too late. I don't recall reading anything like that when I was looking up the rules before submitting.



Thanks for the reply, in that case I will just keep the formatting as it is. My supervisor is so clueless about these things, he even told me there was no word limit and I could write five volumes if I wanted to. 'Erm....actually there is a word limit....' Supervisors eh!


All my figures are embedded in the text too, I have so many of them that it would be a very long thesis otherwise! Other theses that I've read seem to do the same too.