Thesis Handed In


Handed in the thesis today! How do I feel? Odd mainly. Still desperately stressed thought I would be relieved. I'm not though, im not happy with it so maybe thats why. Oh hopefully that will get better.

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Well done Liminalplace (up)(up)(up)(up)(up)(up)

That's a major achievement - even if it's not perfect (in your eyes), it's a completed thesis!!!! That's one huge step closer to you being Dr Liminalplace :-):-):-):-):-)

Congrats 8-)


Well done Liminalplace! That's fantastic news.

I think sometimes it takes time for these things to sink in. And with so much gone into it, it's hard not to feel a bit dazed in the end, try to enjoy your success!


Thank you both. It is very odd, i kind of think Ive been Stockholmed. It is a very strange sensation.


Congratulations. When mine was handed in just over a month ago I felt incredibly numb at first, and rather dazed. Took a few days before relief sunk in.


Hi Liminalplace,
Congratulations on getting to this milestone. I'm due to hand in in a few weeks and feel very odd before I've got there...I think I'm beginning to realise that everything about a PhD is a bit odd...!

Hope you get some down time and a chance for it to sink in

CG x






Congratulations on the thesis! What a wonderful achievement. I think most big events in life leave us feeling similar. Usually goes away once daily life kicks back in. Hope you get lots of rest, maybe have a mini-holiday with a bag of books or dvds.