Thesis or thesis


Silly question: if I'm writing "the work presented in this thesis" or something similar (i.e. referring to it in the text), is it Thesis (capital T) or thesis? Capital T has been suggested but I think it looks wierd...

Any suggestions (cue 50% answers each way...!)


I agree that 'Thesis' looks weird so would go with 'thesis', but I wouldn't worry about it too much either way!!


Is your title a pun? As in, "The first "Thesis" would be "thesis", but it's the start of the sentence so it's "Thesis"".

And people say PhD students live boring lives worrying about inconsequential shite.


It's lower case "t".

If the title is "Thesis of a Dream", capitalize the T when you reference it in the body of the text.


The way you have it listed , use the lowercase "t". Capitals are for proper names (including actual titles of work) or beginning words of a sentence.


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I agree - I'd use a lower case t.

People sometimes use a captial letter when referring to a particular, but you can end up with capital letters scattered all throughout the text! Which, in my opinion, looks strange and disrupts the flow of the text.



i agree with you. you are right.