Third class admission and funding chances


I am in the d business of researching the chances that there may be for someone with third class to gain admission with funding. I wish to crave the indulgence of everyone who has information in this regard to please come forth to help, thanks.


Admission into what? Either a MSc or PhD will be difficult. It's not impossible, but you better have a good reason as you why you have a 3rd and be able to evidence that you can do better.


Think you have a snowball's chance in hell personally!



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Well yeah... what if they ask whether your current grading is reflective of your overall commitment? As ToL said above, unless you've got majorly-mitigating circumstances.


If you are serious about it I would look into taking some years out to get experience like research assistant job to try and help your chances, if this is feasible for you.


I had a 2.2 from my bachelors, worked for a few years was able to self fund and masters before my PhD was fully funded. I had worked for five years in a profession related to my PhD before applying.

It might be possible to get funding if you have a decent reason for your third and can demonstrate that you're now capable of doing whatever it is you are applying to do but I'd imagine you'll have to really work hard to justify getting it. Even self-funding I had to submit a 2000 word personal statement and I think be interviewed alongside the standard application form (at a Russell Group university).