Time to move out...


Evening all.. Hope everyone's looking towards the Christmas season. Just wondered what everyone's living situation is and how they cope with those around them at home? It's looking very much like I'm going to be moving out from my parents home... A bad thing in one sense. Even though I'm 25 I'm single and I moved back in to save some money as well as helping them out financially. One of my parents runs their own business which has been hit with the economic downturn and figured they could do with some money...

Problem is neither of my parents seem to understand what I do for a living (I'm actually lucky enough to be in reciept of a scholarship so I very much view it as my full time job!). Furthermore, because I study it also allows me to fit some part time teaching hours in throughout the year and 8 weeks full time work over the summer - things I couldn't do if I worked elsewhere. I think the feeling often is that my studying can just be 'fitted in around' everything else I do during the week and it's starting to really get me down... No support at home and such like.

Wondered if anyone else is in a similar situation, either with kids, siblings, partners or parents and how you cope?!?


I know what you mean. I live with my partner who is studying for a completely different qualification. He has deadlines to meet which are set by the department, and so assumes that his deadlines are more important than mine just because mine are personal daily or weekly deadlines/targets.
I think you have to be really vocal with them, and drill it into their heads that your work is just as important. Maybe you should just tell them that a condition of the scholarship is that you are expected to treat your studying as a full time job.


Hi Rebel,

I'm definitely with you about family thinking that a PhD work can be slotted in around other stuff. I'm a part-timer, but only work wed, thurs and spend mon, tues and Friday on PhD, because I'm usually at home at my desk, I get ...'Phdee you dont work mondays, can you run me down to Sainsburys then help me wallpaper'....aaaahhhh!!!! Very frustrating, sometimes I have to lie and say Im going into to work or uni...just so I can keep to my schedule...

I live with my other half, but did live with my folks during my Masters, love them to death, but in truth they drove me bonkers,...but did save cash...so  well done for sticking with it for as long as you have :-)

But they'll definately all get mentions in my thesis cause they do alot more good than harm!


I'm doing my MSc at the moment and have moved back with my parents and 19 y/o brother to save money. They're fine with understanding the work that I need to put into it, as well as holding down a p/t job, the problem I have is with privacy. I study in my bedroom which is fine, but there is so much noise in my house in the evenings sometimes, which is when I work the most. There always seems to be some sort of distraction like my stroppy brother ranting at my parents, door slamming, dogs barking etc...drives me absolutely mad. I'd love to be able to live on my own sometimes, or just being able to lock my door would be a bonus!