Tips for giving lectures?


Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone had any advice or tips for giving lectures? I was volunteered (and agreed) to give five lectures to undergraduates this summer but I've never given lectures before and have been a bit overwhelmed by how long it even takes to put the powerpoints together and write lecture handouts. I've just started my 2nd year so I've done plenty of 15 minute presentations, and done some demonstrating in practical classes, but I've never spoken for an hour before, and I don't have any other real experience in teaching. If anyone has any advice I'd be really grateful :)


Hi Hildagarde,

There's some great advice here on a previous thread:

If you have an hour's session that's not long, but you should be able to get in some discussion or debate around a topic; keep PPT slides to a minimum, & get them thinking.

Good luck!
Mog :-)