tips on how to pass psychometric tests


hi. am preparing to sit verbal and numerical reasoning tests in the next few days. are there any tips that you might have on how to pass the verbal reasoning tests, as am finding that my score is about 50% from the practice exercises. am also finding it hard to get my head round the long and boring passages. are there any tips to doing this - any method perhaps?


good luck jojo! i am also looking at practice tests and have surfed the web for help on maximising results but there seems to be little on strategy to do better. i guess it comes down to the skills we were told whilst at school: read carefully the text before answering and so on. don't rush.


Hi jojo,

some of these tests are regarding assessing your personality (famous Myers Briggs Type Indicator) which provides a characteristic profile of yourself. Strictly speaking there is no right or wrong personality, yet obviously certain firms problably want certain characteristics (e.g. teamworker in hospital, innovativ in design etc.) You can influence this a bit by guessing what the question may be hinting at and then answer accordingly. However risk of getting it wrong and creating a profile which dose not reflect you at all!

Regarding the strict numerical tests these usually like intelligence tests and look at logical thinking and pattern recognition. The trick is to try and find the pattern. Focussing on this may help, practise, practise, practise is the main thing. Do not think that theory here helps! Try and keep everything logical and rational!

Good luck