To Admins


Why can we only give stars to people who post on a thread we've posted? Actually many of us may not want to start a thread, but have had help from reading replies to others which kind of help our own situation. Currently there are at least 6 people whose comments and advice have really helped me, and many others, I'm sure, but I didn't start the thread, so what can I do?

Also, you're only allowed to give one vote to each individual. Why?

Could we please make the star thingy a little more flexible?

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Also - can we have some more smileys. :-)


Yea, I felt really guilty when I got good advice recently (printed off to digest fully later!) on threads started by other people :$ but then I guess that's the point of a public forum :$


I have to say that it would be useful to be able to vote for a helpful user more than once. I have had some users that have helped me many times but my vote for them (ie 1 vote) does not reflect that. Can that be changed?


I would love to see a chat room (up)


Me, too!