To all the female PhD students on here, have a look at this!


Haha, I'm not turning into a moronic, neanderthal (sp?)! I just needed to attract attention. I received an e-mail in my uni account about funding opportunities for any female PhD students who wish to go to conferences and thought it may be of use to some of you. The email follows below:

The British Federation of Women Graduates North West offers a bursaryof £300 to enable a woman postgraduate student to attend a conferencerelevant to her research in 2010.

For more details and how to apply, see

May prove useful for some of you. Thank you.


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Ah, not as excitng as I'd hoped! Walminski, you need to say all 'British' Female etc etc - some of us can't apply for this, altho would love to visit !

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Thank you Walminski: I'll defo look into this!(up)

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I thought you were going to show us something Walminski :$


If ever there was a thread title that would bring every male member of the forum to have a look, this is it! ;-)