To Include or Not to Include Citations in Resume


Hey everyone,

Just wondering whether you would include citations of your paper in your resume or would that appear too pompous???


For me it would depend on what type of job I was going for (and how many citations I had!!). For an academic post, then yes I would definitely consider including citations as this may just give you the edge over another candidate with a similar CV and may help yours to really stand out, particularly if you have impressive numbers to put in! If you just put the publications and then something like (citations: 11) after it then it is subtle enough to not come across as pompous, in my opinion.

On the other hand, for non-academic jobs it is probably irrelevant in a lot of cases as they won't really care about the details of your publications. That being said, if you were going for a research role in industry, for example, then it could be considered relevant and I would probably put them in. Your CV is there to sell you and your achievements, so no point in hiding your light under a bushel :)


Thanks Smoobles for your enlightening post!