To point out the obvious or not?


Maybe the title is a little misleading as it is not always obvious, but I digress, my question is about whether I should point out (within my text) a reference to a previous point in another chapter that relates to the current point or should I just write it and assume that the reader knows that I have discussed this previously.

I'm not talking so much about an important finding or a critical point but just something that was discussed in detail previously but could be understood without the reader having even read the previous discussion. I really hope this makes sense, cause I feel that it is a little tacky to say "as previously mentioned" etc..

Thanks for any comments.


I put 'as previously mentioned' or such like.

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I would too. If there was a previous section where it was discussed in depth I'd signpost to that, e.g. 'as discussed in Section 3.2' or whatever. My supervisors are very keen on the thesis being very clearly signposted, and say it's one of the things that will make a thesis readable for an external examiner - so it's a good habit to get into!


I did this too and as Batfink says it's good to indicate where in the thesis you have previously mentioned 'x'. Occasionally I put something like "as already discussed (See Chapter Two, Section 2.2.). Also don't forget that your examiners might not necessarily read your thesis from page 1 to 300 so it's probably advisable to signpost very clearly.


thank you so much for the advice! I will be doing this tomorrow