Transcribing is getting painful - just a rant


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I've now transcribed 27 of 50 interviews and I am slowly losing the will. Going on holiday next week and I was planning on having them all finished by then but this now seems unlikely. It just takes so long and it's so mind numbing. I have express scribe etc so it's as fast as it could be without someone else doing it but I feel it is slowly driving me mad! Especially the mumblers that mean I have to rewind 20 times and play at different speeds to finally work out what they were actually saying. Grrr.

I know the only way it's going to end is getting it done but I just seem, unable to concentrate for more than 5 minutes at a time just now.

Sorry I realise this is a bit of a pointless post, I'm not looking for any advice really. I just needed to get it out!



You have my sympathies Slowmo! I know how painful it can be - I've transcribed 70 interviews, but have done this over 18 months so it's been fine. Sounds like you couldn't do them as you went..Build in more rewards I reckon. The holiday's a good start, stick a photo of where you're going on the wall. Bribe yourself with nice tea or chocolate - or something stronger if you need to! Cross off the remaining 23 interviews as you do them. And can you alternate doing this with a more interesting, or at least different task?

You're over half way though, keep going!


Thanks Sue. It helps to hear from someone who has been through it! That is a LOT of interviews, I bet it was a big relief to finish that.

I made myself a little motivation chart yesterday with rewards on it for milestones and pictures of the beach (where I will be next week!). I feel like a little kid but anything is worth a try!

I did do some of it as I went but it was hard as my fieldwork involved lots of nights out very late at night interviewing and observing so my schedule wasn't structured enough to get it all done, not in the 5 months I was there anyway.

But on the bright side almost there!

Thanks again for your reply.