Transcription madness


Any suggestions on ways to motivate oneself when doing a tedious task that feels endless?

I have a load of transcription work to do (and in some detail too - pauses, overlaps, etc).

I'm thinking of putting a rewards system in place (e.g., a rolo for each completed transcript... each one takes approx. an hour - but there are loads of them to do, and I don't want to end up with no teeth).


oh my! you have my sympathies!!!! I also really don't like transcriptions! Are you doing verbatim? Here is one consolation though -- if you are transcribing the lot, you can always go back to the data to make more papers...

I motivate myself by allowing myself to watch one episode of TV series after I have done something.. so far I have finished Walking Dead (silly series, but what the heck), then I watched Tale of Tales on gazefree (absolutely loved this movie) and every monday hope to do enough to reward myself with Game of Thrones.



I would say do them in chunks and mix them in with other stuff that's more interesting. Also, allow me to be a bad example to you - don't find yourself in the position of still transcribing the blooming things when you're meant to be writing up ;)


Cheers both! I intended to do it as I went along, but it builds up so quickly, boo hoo!


Pomodoro technique? 25m work followed by 5m break and so on. A good way of breaking up tedious work with breaks!


I used pomodoro technique plus I got rid of the idea of having a "transcribing phase". I had to mix it up with other activities as it was sending me doolally!


Doolally is exactly the feeling! I don't use the official pomodoro technique, as I am a pretty strict worker (generally), working with set short breaks etc. I don't think I can apply it to my transcription. When I feel like screaming and getting up from the desk, or browsing the web for a longer time, I just have to. Even though I know it'll take me longer.
Good idea about getting rid of the "transcription phase". I need to stop letting it build up and do it "as and when" it comes in.
Have a good weekend all.


I found rpg-like game based on pomodoro technique, adds fun to boring tasks.