Transferring from a professional doctorate to a PhD


Hi everyone,

I'm currently enrolled in a professional doctorate and have decided to transfer to a PhD. As part of this process, I need to modify my existing study to make it appropriate for a PhD study. I'm thinking of changing the research methods to make them more 'complex'.

At the moment, I'm doing a qualitative study using focus groups, observation, and Photovoice. I'm using Symbolic interactionism and Impression Management as my theoretical framework.

Any ideas or suggestions on how the study can essentially be enhanced to be appropriate for a PhD study would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


Your methods and methodology sound fine. I wouldn't say you need more complexity. You might need to scale up I.e. more participants and or longer in the field and ammend your research questions as EdD are usually based on your practice where as PhDs, which can focus on practice, generally have wider implications/ broader reach than the practice setting.