Transferring to another UK Univ - PhD


Hi everyone,

I am currently a PhD student in the UK. I have just completed my first year but I am not happy with my supervisors and the institution here. The department is not related to my project at all. Therefore I would like to change the uni with same project. However, I have a scholarship for my PhD degree. My sponsor has already paid the uni fee for 1 year. So, my sponsor will only pay for 2 years now. For that reason, can the other uni accept my application (paying just for 2 years uni fee) or can the uni want me to start from scratch and pay for 3 years?

Also, in terms of changing the uni during PhD, which one is important to get an offer from another uni in the UK?
- finding a new supervisor who will accept me?
- the university itself and the financial issues?

Thanks in advance!