Transitioning from Healthcare Analyst to doing a PhD


I have a Physics UG degree and am currently finishing an MRes in Molecular Biophysics.
The job market has been really bad recently, and I have been not been offered a few PhDs I applied for. To open my options (and not be unemployed), I applied to Life science/Healthcare related data jobs. I am interested in going into Healthcare AI for my PhD. I got into one as a Healthcare Analyst (2 years contract), but I am hoping to do a PhD after that. I haven't heard of many people going into the industry first, so was wondering if anyone has any advice.

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Going into industry and then doing a PhD is completely fine.
Plenty of people do it and it is generally looked favourably upon. There are a lot of "mature" students who take 20-30 year breaks between their masters and PhD. A few years of "real world" experience will probably help you during your PhD, especially if it is relevant to your field.