trying to work towards phd - mental breakdown!! agh


did anyone try to go from a masters finished in august, and start a phd in september? did you feel like your having a mental breakdown from the stress? and with politics in the department?

How to cope!?! help!?!


Yep, I went straight from my masters into my phd, with only 2 week break between. i had to write my masters thesis and hand it in, then told my phd supervisor, i really need a little break before i started.

yep, it was hard. i've never taken a break from studying! it's been gcse, alevels, degree, msc, now phd. after my phd, whether i pass or fail, i am taking a sebatical! and finally having some "me" time to do whatever i want :)

once you sign up for a phd, it's like selling your soul to the devil! no escape, your life is in their hands now!

sorry i'm meant to be encouraging you. erm, *looks to the other members of the forum*

okay on the plus side, the only thing that i do like, (did like) is the ability to work independently, basically you are given the freedom to just get on with it. but with regular deadlines and checking up on you though!

but in essence, you work to your own way. that's one thing i do like, i must admit.


cool, thanks!


Yeah, I went straight on. Acutually, I was in the lab well before the end of my masters. Seriously didn't have a break for months and months...not great. x


I finished my Masters on the Friday and started my PhD on the Monday. It was absolutely fine. If it was a normal job the same thing would've happened and I see my PhD as a job (sometimes with occassional very long hours but I have friends doing professional exams who work just as hard).

I also spent the last days of writing my Masters dissertation writing a funding proposal for PhD and working at my rubbish part time job as an office minion...

Good luck


i started my phd 2 weeks before i finished my masters. i don't wish i'd taken a break. but am planning to take a serious three months of doing nothing when it's all over.